About Us

“Fashions fade, but style is forever.”

-Yves Saint-Laurent


We are multi-faceted, fashionable, and believe life is a journey filled with self-discovery and expression. We are the ones that do not conform to society – but instead, incorporate what’s trending into our own, personal style. Nothing is off limits, so long as it makes us feel beautiful. Fashion is always changing and evolving, and so are we. Some say life is short, but we know there is plenty of time to have fun and simply enjoy everything around us! No matter what though, we always stay true to ourselves.


The Perks

• Worldwide shipping
• Easy returns, no restocking fees
• Orders ship within 24 hours 
(except during US holidays)
• 24/7 customer service support 
(simply email support@LoveStylize.com!)


Our Story

Fashionistas love to talk about shopping - and we were no exception. Over dinner one night, we started discussing jewelry, and how we couldn't find any online retailers that had a great selection, exceptional quality, and a great price-point. It was in that moment that we knew we had a great idea. 

We decided to start an online, jewelry-only store, that carries pieces we personally love. We search the world over to bring you the most unique, fashion-forward, quality jewelry, at prices that won’t make you (or your loved ones!) cringe. We believe everyone has the right to feel beautiful – and we know the power of jewelry to make you feel exactly that!


Our collection is carefully curated, with the understanding that women dress according to mood. We all have a little naughty and nice in us – and this is definitely reflected in our collection! Our jewelry boxes have a little bit of everything, because like all women, we have our good days and bad. Sometimes, we want to dress up and feel beautiful - other days, we want to keep it simple and stay casual. For this reason, we make sure our selection is versatile, eclectic, fun, and always stylish.